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  • Select charges engineered to meet your specific completion requirements
  • Choose from the optimal conveyance solution to optimize your perforation productivity
  • Select from low-debris charges or designs optimized for deployment in deeper, hotter wells

  • All types of reservoirs, including sandstones, limestones, and shales
  • Suitable for wireline, tubing-conveyed, and coiled tubing-conveyed perforating operations



Optimize your completion design with Predator™ shaped charges from Baker Hughes. Our charges are engineered to match whatever completion requirements you face, giving you unparalleled control of your wellbore’s connectivity to the formation.


Wide-ranging solutions

Predator shaped charges are a proven part of our more than 40-year history of developing engineered shaped charges for optimal well completions. Regardless of the perforating challenge you face, our Predator shaped charges offer a solution.

  • Ensure effective sand control with the Predator FP™ high-performance shaped charge, which delivers a larger pore size but smaller penetration. The charge offers maximum area-open-to-flow in the casing for optimal reservoir drainage.
  • Ensure penetration past damaged or invaded zones with the Predator XP™ shaped charge. This premium deep-penetrating charge delivers smaller pore sizes.
  • Achieve superior performance in your natural completions with the Predator ZX™ shaped charge. This ultrahigh performance, deep-penetrating charge creates more connectivity to undisturbed areas of your formation.
  • Alleviate frac problems when stimulating your shale formations with the Predator XS™ shaped charge. This charge optimizes the hole size for the stimulation while penetrating past much of the near-wellbore damage. You get a more successful frac job, with more formation exposure at a lower cost.
  • Minimize the debris from your exploded charge with designs available under the PERFFORM line of low-debris shaped charges. This includes the Predator XP PERFFORM charge, the industry’s first and only high-performance, low-debris charge available in both phased and oriented shot patterns.
  • Confidently perforate in deeper and hotter sections of your wellbore with Predator charges custom designed for high-temperature use. Manufactured to withstand degradation at elevated temperatures, these charges will not activate until they are where you need them in the hole.

Predator shaped charges also give you a wide range of deployment options, depending on your need. They come in a variety of gun size, shot densities, and shot-phasing options. And like all Baker Hughes charges, Predator shaped charges are manufactured and tested in accordance with rigid API RP-19B specifications, the recommended practice for evaluation of well perforators.

Contact us to learn how Predator shaped charges can optimize your perforation jobs for maximum reservoir access.


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