Optimize your reservoir’s connection with the wellbore with pump-down perforating systems from Baker Hughes. Draw on our vast experience and full suite of perforating technologies to ensure that your completed well achieves its maximum production potential.


Comprehensive solutions for every perforating job

Pump-down perforating is the widely used completion technique of conveying perforating guns and a plug into horizontal wells by pumping fluids from surface. Once the plug is set at its required depth, the guns receive commands via wireline to fire, creating production pathways through the cased and cemented well and into the formation.

Achieving an optimal perforating job takes more than merely punching holes through the pipe. Since perforating the industry’s first oil well nearly 80 years ago, Baker Hughes has continued advancing perforating systems for optimal performance each and every time.

Partnering with us, you get comprehensive pump-down perforating solutions that include:

  • Advanced gun systems, including the Select-Fire™ system and Symphoni™ addressable perforating system, deploy multiple guns for selective firing in one run. Systems require no wiring or setup onsite and include redundant guns to optimize frac fleet use if one gun should fail to fire downhole.
  • Frac-optimized perforation systems like the FracConnect™ unconventional perforating system use unique perforating patterns to improve stimulation and overall reservoir drainage for better production and recovery potential in unconventional wells
  • Perforating shaped charges, including the Predator™ line of frac-optimized charges, TrueJet™ uniform-hole perforating charges, and DeepConnect™ charges for ultradeep reservoirs, deliver a range of options to optimize your wellbore’s connection with any formation
  • A full range of auxiliary equipment, including release tools, greaseless wirelines, quick disconnects, sinker bars, and plug and shoot adapters, improve your deployment and perforating performance in any downhole environment

With pump-down perforating solutions from Baker Hughes, you’re assured safe, reliable, and efficient perforating of multiple intervals in a single run—helping you maximize your well coverage while lowering your completion spend.

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