Evaluate the performance of your perforating systems under actual reservoir conditions in the Baker Hughes TerraCONNECT™ perforating flow laboratory. Using the laboratory’s state-of-the-art measuring and numerical modeling technologies, our experts identify and design shaped charges that optimize your completions for maximum production.


Testing under real reservoir conditions

The TerraCONNECT perforating flow laboratory conducts a range of core testing on your representative core samples, under your own expected downhole conditions. The tests go beyond conventional testing standards to include API RP 19B Sections I-V testing, limited entry testing, and measurements of mud invasion effects. These testing capabilities provide a detailed evaluation of your core as well as a performance comparison of different shaped charges.

Located at the Pine Island Perforating Technology Center in Texas, the TerraCONNECT perforating flow laboratory is in close proximity to our shaped charge manufacturing facilities. This allows prototype designs to be quickly manufactured, tested, and optimized for best results.

Your perforating system is further optimized through computational design analysis provided by our PulsFrac™ modeling software. Designed to predict transient dynamics observed in laboratory tests, the PulsFrac software performs the following services: TerraFORM™ dynamic underbalance optimization, TerraPERM™ propellant perforating optimization, and TerraGARD™ gun-shock and risk mitigation.

The fully validated model provides several critical insights prior to taking your proposed perforating system to the field:

  • Estimate the flow required to optimize the post-perforation clean-up of your well
  • Understand the magnitude and effects of underbalance
  • Calibrate field-scale models
  • Provide information that serves as input for advanced productivity analysis tools to model the flow efficiency of your perforation systems

The ultimate result: a tailored ballistic system customized to your specific reservoir environments and perforating requirements.

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