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  • Increase productivity from perforated completions
  • Reduce risk and environmental impact
  • Optimize the perforated completion for both simple and complex well types

  • Natural completions, stimulated completions, oil and gas wells, producers and injectors
  • New wells, recompletions, and interventions
  • Vertical, high angle, and horizontal wells



To maximize the production from your hydraulically fractured wells, you need to remove any perforation damage, quickly and effectively. The TerraFORM™ dynamic underbalance service from Baker Hughes uses underbalanced perforating principles to efficiently remove perforation debris immediately after the fracturing job.  


Optimizing each zone’s production

The TerraFORM service combines the influence of both the static and dynamic aspects of the perforating job, referred to as “total underbalance,” to drive the overall cleanup strategy and enhance production. The service begins with the TerraFORM™ flow optimization reservoir modeling service, which designs and optimizes the underbalance processes for your completion by considering the complex interaction between the wellbore, gun system, and your formation.

The design analysis continues with the PulsFrac™ modeling software, which considers fluid, reservoir, and perforation properties to determine the underbalance magnitude and flow required for optimal perforation clean-up in your well. These results are used to design the perforating assembly and procedures to execute the optimized perforating program.

The result is a controlled underbalance pressure profile that removes the crushed zone from the matrix while providing a sufficient surge flow to sweep your perforation tunnels clean. You get optimized production from each perforation, with minimal risk of sand influx, less rig time, and assured well control.

Contact us to learn how the TerraFORM service can improve the stimulation performance and long-term production of your hydraulically fractured wells.

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