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  • Improve the accuracy of your analysis by holding oil adjacent to its core depth
  • Capture all expelled oil and minimize drilling fluid invasion
  • Ensure core quality and integrity for more accurate formation data analysis

  • Enhanced coring operations
  • Conventional and unconventional oil wells



Improve the accuracy of your in-situ oil saturation measurements with the SOr™ sponge liner coring system from Baker Hughes. With the SOr (saturation oil remaining) system, retrieve a large volume of unaltered core to accurately measure your formation’s fluid types and oil saturation.


Improve oil saturation analysis through optimized core acquisition

While tripping your core to surface, gas expansion can lead to oil being expelled from the core. This leads to flawed saturation measurements, and ultimately, errors in your reservoir model. The SOr sponge liner coring system eliminates these risks by capturing any expelled oil as your core is tripped to surface, and then holding that oil adjacent to its corresponding core depth.

The system incorporates a 3-1/2 -in. ID sponge liner, modified pilot shoe, proprietary pressure-compensating piston design, and LaserCut™ aluminum liner system. The system’s application-specific coring bit minimizes eccentricity and helps ensure that a precisely sized core is cut for entry into the sponge liner. The system is also fully compatible with the proven HT Series™ high-torque core barrel system.

The SOr sponge liner coring system’s molded, oil-absorptive foam liner material encapsulates your core in the inner barrel. This liner absorbs the oil from the adjacent core section during the trip out of hole while maintaining a tight fit with the core. This tight fit and the robust materials used in the system protect your core during acquisition, recovery, surface handling, and transportation to the laboratory for analysis and short-term storage.

Once the core is transported to the laboratory, you can get an accurate assessment of the amount of oil in both the sponge and core. This data give the formation’s in-situ oil saturation, allowing you to accurately determine the true yield of remaining reserves.

The SOr sponge liner coring system’s process and equipment improve the efficiency of your overall coring operation while reducing total data acquisition costs and minimizing nonproductive time. You can decide whether to continue field development and production with greater speed and accuracy compared to conventional coring methods.

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