The costs and risks associated with your coring operations continue to rise as you face sampling challenges in more complex well conditions. Reliably acquiring core samples from high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells, long-footage and high-angle wells, or loose and unconsolidated formations typically takes more time downhole at higher costs—and with no guarantee of success.

Coring Services from Baker Hughes help increase your sampling success at lower costs through comprehensive core acquisition, transportation, and analysis solutions.

Our coring technologies and services provide a wide range of benefits to your core recovery, analysis, and formation characterization operations, in even the most challenging environments.

  • Ensure success before you start. Even before core recovery begins, work with our coring specialists to determine the optimum coring technologies and systems for your wellbore. With careful upfront planning, you can retrieve high-quality cores at lower risk and minimal non-productive rig time.
  • Acquire high-quality core samples in any downhole environment. Acquire larger core samples in even harsh downhole environments with our HT Series™ coring systems. Lower your core retrieval costs with systems that integrate superior stability control, cutter efficiency, and greater durability to deliver longer core runs and high-quality samples for improved analysis.
  • Minimize risk in challenging environments. Reduce your risk of jamming while milling with Baker Hughes's JamBuster™ jam mitigation coring system, which incorporates telescoping inner core barrel sleeves to allow uninterrupted coring even after a jam. And, you can reliably retrieve unconsolidated cores, with no loss of quality or material, with the HydroLift™ full-closure catcher system
  • Ensure core quality from the well to the lab. Minimize the risks of core damage during transport with Baker Hughes's CoreCare™ service’s state-of-the-art core recovery, processing, and preservation services—all performed at the wellsite. Your core samples are immediately stabilized after retrieval and then transported and tracked to ensure core quality is maintained for safe delivery for laboratory analysis.
  • Make informed decisions faster. Accelerate your mapping of target pay zones and evaluate key formation parameters like porosity, lithology, and fraccability with our Digital Core Analysis services. Acquire whole-core images ten times faster than conventional analysis tools, and with up to 1,000 times higher resolution, to make more informed completions decisions and improve reserves estimates.

Let’s work together to find the right coring services that will help you gain a sharper view of your formation rock for improved reservoir development decisions.

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