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Make faster, better decisions, and achieve safe, more repeatable outcomes

Automation takes remote control beyond monitoring and surveillance. Supported with lightning-fast, two-way data flows, our smart tools enable your domain experts not just to take decisions, but to act on them remotely—in real time.

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Improve safety, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency

Removing people from rigs and wellsites improves safety and reduces travel costs and downtime. And it enhances collaboration by bringing experts across disciplines and projects together in one place.

Our Expertise

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Mitigate geological risk

Leveraging data gathered from oil and gas projects all over the world, our automated operations reduce well-construction costs, optimize production, and reduce downtime.

  • Anticipate hazards ahead of time
  • Avoid formation damage
  • Place wells with pinpoint accuracy
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Improve HSE, costs, and emissions

Automating wellsite activities takes people out of harm’s way and reduces helicopter, car, and plane journeys—lowering costs and emissions, and significantly enhancing project economics.

  • Safer and smarter deployment of people
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Minimal travel costs

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Boost brainpower

Our remote oil and gas operations centers enable engineers to collaborate across multiple tasks, not just isolated projects—unlocking productivity and generating better, faster insights.

  • Efficient deployment of expertise over multiple assets and projects
  • Tap into a wealth of cross-discipline knowhow
  • Expand the scope of each remote expert
Utilize your field assets more efficiently icon
Utilize your field assets more efficiently

With no time lost to travelling or weather, our experts are ready to focus on your well as soon as drilling or production starts. And, when the job's over, they're ready for the next one.

  • More efficient deployment of expert skillsets
  • More efficient management of assets and hardware
  • Lower operating costs

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Achieve superior outcomes

Remote operations unlock cross-discipline collaboration. Pooling brainpower across teams in one location leads to better overall project outcomes.

  • Instant access to cross-domain expertise
  • More predictable and repeatable outcomes
  • Better collaboration
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Capture the benefits of flexible integration

Our remote-operations are equipment-agnostic. We'll make any equipment work with our systems and integrate our domain-focused, class-leading analytics software and service options on top.

  • Equipment-agnostic
  • Class-leading suite of analytics
  • Intelligent insights from raw data