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  • Extend subsea production and increase overall field reserves
  • Lower design, capital, and intervention costs with placement on seafloor
  • Eliminate the reengineering required for alternative booster systems

  • Production boosting of single subsea wells
  • Multiple-well production optimization
  • Deepwater, high-pressure environments



Improve the reliability and economics of your subsea field development and production with the CENsea™ seabed boosting system from Baker Hughes. Each system leverages our more than half a century of industry-leading submersible pumping experience to deliver sizable production improvements for virtually any subsea development.


Efficient by design

The CENsea subsea boosting system’s simple design leverages existing, field-proven electrical submersible pumping (ESP) technology. This assures you an artificial lift solution with significantly higher efficiency and pressure boost capacity than alternative methods.

The system can achieve flow rates as high as 150,000 B/D (21,465 m3/D) and boost pressures greater than 5,000 psi (345 bar). High gas fractions can also be accommodated with the Baker Hughes CENtrilift™ multiphase pumps.

Choose from four seabed booster configurations, depending on your application needs:

  • A vertical booster station system encases the ESP in a pressure vessel installed in a dummy well on the seafloor. This configuration, which can be positioned anywhere between the subsea field and the host platform, can accommodate one or multiple wells. For your high gas void fraction applications, specialized gas separation equipment can be incorporated into your system design.
  • A horizontal booster station places the ESP system on a permanent base on the seafloor for ease of system changeout. This design gives you the flexibility to place systems in series or in parallel, or install redundant systems for greater reliability.
  • As ESP jumper system positions the ESP in your existing subsea flowline jumper infrastructure, which provides the most cost-effective seabed boosting configuration. Use the system to optimize production from a single well or multiple wells at the same time.
  • A riser lift system installs an ESP on tubing within your flowline riser. With simple alterations to the riser head to accommodate power feedthrough and tubing hang-off, this system gives you a low-cost seabed boosting option.

All booster systems can be deployed with multipurpose vessels (MPVs) to dramatically reduce your installation and intervention costs.

Contact us today to learn how the CENsea subsea boosting system delivers reliable, cost-effective production improvements at any water depth.

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