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  • Manage production operations and reservoir performance without pulling the ESP
  • Eliminate risks of dropped bypass tubing and dangers of slippage
  • Gain significant savings in rig time and cost over traditional ESP bypass installs

  • Wells requiring wireline and coiled tubing operations below the ESP



Gain access to the wellbore below your electrical submersible pump (ESP), without the time and expense of a workover, with the Zenith™ ESP bypass system from Baker Hughes.

The Zenith ESP bypass system is part of our portfolio of Zenith downhole completion systems, which are designed to overcome technical constraints and enhance recovery from challenging reserves.


Simple installation and easy downhole access

The bypass system’s Y-Tool technology offsets the pump in the wellbore, providing a parallel and unobstructed conduit for well intervention below the ESP. With the Zenith bypass system, you can carry out wireline- and coiled tubing-deployed operations including logging, perforating, well treatment, and stimulation deeper in the well—all without the cost and downtime of pulling the ESP.

The Zenith bypass system includes unique features that enable simpler and safer installation, which affords you significant rig time and cost savings over traditional ESP bypass installations. These features also eliminate the risks of dropped bypass tubing and slippage. The unique system design provides increased pump protection by allowing for thermal expansion of the ESP assembly.

The Zenith ESP bypass system has successfully shortened installation times and costs while simplifying reservoir access in more than 2,000 ESP wells around the globe.

Contact us to learn how the Zenith ESP bypass system can deliver the same performance benefits in your wells.

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