Resolve your well completions challenges and meet your production objectives with mechanical upper completions systems from Baker Hughes. Whether you need to gain access below your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system or protect your pumping equipment from descending solids, we have proven solutions for you.

Our Zenith™ upper completions systems are custom-engineered to meet specific operational requirements and deliver sizable production and cost-savings benefits to your wells. Solutions include:

  • Zenith Dual ESP and Specialist Completion Systems, which are designed from years of practical, in-depth engineering know-how to address constraints common to standard ESP deployments. Our bespoke systems deliver on your specific objectives including optimization of uptime and oil production, zone management, and effective protection of pumping equipment in challenging wells.
  • Zenith ESP Bypass Systems, which incorporate Y-Tool technology to offset the pump in the wellbore and give you an unobstructed straight-line conduit for intervention with wireline or coiled tubing. You can confidently carry out logging, perforation, well treatment, and stimulation operations without having to pull the pump.
  • Zenith ESP/PCP Tubing Drain Valves, which safeguard your pumping equipment from damage or blockage caused by descending solids. Our valves save you time and expense of resolving a blocked pump issue after shutdown, while also prohibiting backspin, motor shaft, or rotor breakage at start up.

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