• Reduce HSE exposure for personnel
  • Remove the cost and complexity of operating explosive perforating guns
  • Flexibility for combined operations in one-trip with fewer personnel
  • Easier handling and transport due to smaller operational footprint
  • Run on coiled tubing and eliminate the need for a rig creating substantial savings

  • Annular remediation
  • Formation integrity testing
  • Environmental isolation
  • Slot and test
  • Slot and circulation
  • Workover cut, wash, and retrieve solution
  • Slot production liner

The X-treme™ SJI™ mechanical slotting tool is an explosive-free solution for slotting and jetting that enables simpler, safer, single-trip operations for maximum efficiency.



The X-treme SJI mechanical tool functions with a reusable, single-bladed wheel that mechanically slots casing simplifying operations, reducing tool string length, and taking away the requirement for sump. The shorter tool string also reduces the operational footprint saving deck space and making transport and handling easier. 

Because the tool is smaller and simpler to operate, you can:

  • Reduce handling and transportation requirements
  • Operate with fewer people on board (POB)
  • Eliminate sump
  • Eliminate perforating gun disposal
  • Run on coiled tubing eliminating the need for a rig



Other P&A methods using explosives, mechanical cutters, or abrasive cutters all require multiple trips exposing personnel to HSE risks each time. The X-treme SJI tool enables explosive-free, single-trip operations reducing HSE exposure.    

Using the tool you can:

  • Eliminate explosives and the need for permits
  • Reduce personnel in red zone
  • Operate without radio silence
  • Make fewer lifts due to smaller footprint
  • Run in live-well environment


More Efficient

The X-treme SJI mechanical slotting tool is made of a robust and reliable single-blade wheel design that enables it to perform multiple applications in the same well. The tool can perform up to 4,000 slots per hour. It also brings flexibility and “plug and play” functionality allowing planning and execution of the exact operations your well needs in one trip. Add real-time barrier log data from xSight™ Casing Integrity and Cement Mapping (CICM) and you can change the slotted length/depth in-hole without waiting. Now, log, slot, jet, wash, and isolate operations can be combined and performed in the same trip for maximum efficiency. The tool can also be paired with other technologies like the Perseus™ pump through cutter and Mastodon™ hydraulic pulling tool for efficient cutting and removal of casing.

Efficiency is improved by:

  • Reuse on multiple applications in same well
  • Flexibility to change slotted length/depth in-hole
  • Configure operation to needs of well using “plug and play” functionality
  • Combine operations and run in a single trip with the same personnel
  • Provide stand-off after slotting to test formation in same trip
  • Customize to different casing sizes


How it works

The X-treme SJI is a single-blade, mechanically operated slotting tool. The wheel is activated by pressure and push/pull which drives the wheel to turn and slot through casing/tubing and tracks along the cement. The tool then jets high pressure fluid into the slot for efficient removal of cement settle, barite, formation rock, and mud.  After slotting and cleaning are complete, isolation material can be put in place to complete the P&A operation. In addition to slot, jet, isolate operations, the tool can be used in other operations like slot, jet, cut and pull.

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