Our drillable bridge plugs can be conveyed by threaded pipe, coiled tubing, or wireline setting tools. Drillable bridge plugs are ideal for a wide range of applications including multiple zone isolations and major plug-and-abandonment work. These versatile and dependable plugs will cut your costs and increase the efficiency of your isolation or plugging operations.

The QUIK Drill™ composite bridge plugs and frac plugs are millable and drillable isolation devices that enable you to isolate several zones in a well. This allows you to independently treat or test each zone, and then remove the plugs in an underbalanced environment, all in one trip. They can be quickly removed with conventional milling tools. Underbalanced removal is typically accomplished with coiled-tubing deployed downhole motors and milling tools. QUIK Drill plugs can be set on wireline using the Model E-4 or E-5 wireline pressure setting assemblies or on threaded pipe or coiled tubing using the Model J hydraulic setting tool.

Our Model N-1™ drillable bridge plug is a high-performance drillable bridge plug suitable for almost any temporary or permanent plugging operation. The custom-formulated material provides the perfect combination of strength and drillability. It can be converted to a Model K-1 cement retainer by changing out the guide and replacing the bridging plug with the correct valve assembly. The swab-resistant element design allows faster run-in speed.

The Model NC-1™ drillable bridge plug is a modified top-venting version of the N-1 bridge plug. It is primarily for use in gas wells. The plug allows the upper portion of the body and the bridging plug to be drilled out, permitting pressure equalization across the tool before drilling out the upper slips. A shear-ring mechanism in the wireline is set to minimize the amount of material to be drilled out by the center of the mill.

Our Model HMN™ drillable bridge plug can be used to isolate zones for squeeze cementing, fracturing, and temporary or permanent plug-and-abandonment operations. It is a hydraulically actuated, mechanically set, cast-iron, drillable bridge plug. The Model HMN bridge plug is a high-pressure, premium tool that can be run and set in tandem with our Model EA Retrievamatic™ service packers or our Model R-3 retrievable casing packer. Top-equalizing during drill-out ensures safe drill-out, without the plug moving uphole due to pressure contained below the plug. The tool securely packs off and anchors in casing grades up to Q125. It is quickly removed from the wellbore with conventional rotary drilling bits or percussion drilling tools. The Model HMN bridge plug eliminates the expense of electric wireline equipment and rental charges required on other high-performance bridge plugs.

The Model TV-10™ drillable bridge plug is an ideal wellbore plugging device for temporary or permanent well abandonment. The plug’s performance ratings make it the ultimate tool for testing, treating, squeezing, or any other plugging operations. The tool allows pressure below the bridge plug to equalize with the pressure above the bridge plug before the top slips are removed by mill out. With the top slips intact during pressure equalization, pressure buildup from lower zones cannot force the plug to travel up the wellbore. The TV-10 bridge plug has a small outside diameter (OD) and a swab-resistant packing element configuration for easy run-in on wireline. It can easily be configured to set hydraulically.

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