Compression-set packers from Baker Hughes give you reliable seal integrity and annular isolation for a range of applications. From fracturing operations to production to well interventions, our single- or double-grip, retrievable mechanical packers let you complete your operations safely, swiftly, and cost effectively.


Secured setting, resetting, and retrieval

Our range of compression-set packers and accessories are used worldwide in many types of squeeze-cementing, formation fracturing, and high pressure acidizing with testing operations. We offer several types of full-opening, set-down squeeze packers that will maximize the effectiveness of your remedial operations.

Specific packers to meet your application needs for safe, secure sealing include:

  • For fracturing operations and leak detection in cased holes, our OptiPacker™ compression-set resettable packer provides robust zonal isolation. This single-grip packer is deployed on coiled tubing in both vertical and horizontal applications and is capable of multiple sets, allowing you to stimulate several intervals in the same trip downhole.
  • Control formation pressure changes without killing the well with our economical A-3™ or large-bore AL-2™ LOK-SET™ packers. With their ability to lock down tubing forces, these packers are well suited for production, injection, zone isolation, and remedial operations.
  • For production, stimulation, or injection applications, our C-1™ and R-3™ packers provide reliable sealing and ease of operation.
  • Ensure a robust seal for lower-pressure production applications with our G™ retrievable casing packer. This economical packer has a compact body for ease of deployment and provides a full-opening bore.
  • Get versatile performance in standard-pressure and production applications with our HORNET™ SABRE mechanical set retrievable packers. The packer can be set via tension or compression and is designed for reliable performance under combined conditions of 250°F (121.1°C) and 7,000 psi (482.6 bar) differential above or below.

All packers are designed for efficient deployment, setting, and release. Simply set the packer with a one-fourth turn, right-hand rotation and release with straight pickup.

Contact us to learn how compression-set packers from Baker Hughes can improve the efficiency of any well application requiring robust and reliable zonal isolation.

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