Get the information you need from places in your well that were previously unreachable

Unlike competitive telemetry systems, which address only the drilling phase of the well lifecycle, the XACT™ bi-directional acoustic telemetry platform acquires and transmits data from the entire well construction phase – drilling, completion installation, liner running, cementing, and fishing and milling. And when you have that data, you can do some critical things you’ve never been able to do before.

The XACT platform can accommodate all of these phases because it transfers digital data along the drill pipe via encoded sound waves and features a through-wellbore design. This combination means that the XACT platform is always on; i.e., if you have a drill pipe, you can get the data you need, whenever you need it, irrespective of fluid, flow, or formation.


Plan better to reduce risk – even in situations that used to be impossible

The XACT platform delivers real-time data that reflects what’s really going on downhole – even when you’re drilling and completing what used to be undrillable and uncompletable.

Armed with that data during the well planning process, you can rethink your work to:

  • Expand your operational envelope
  • Eliminate non-productive and invisible lost time
  • Reduce the need for contingency equipment and planning


Actuate and control downhole tools on demand

The XACT platform lets you activate devices within a couple of minutes via a surface command. There is no need to drop balls or bars and no need for pressuring up the system – it’s fast and efficient, and it provides immediate feedback. Armed with that capability, you can:

  • Stop waiting on other processes to finish. Control what you do, when you want to do it.
  • Stop guessing. Know every detail about what’s happening downhole, as it’s happening.

Stop worrying. Know that you’re making the right decision.


Manage disruptions

The data delivered by the XACT platform not only lets you react to disruptions in time to make a difference. It also helps you get normal as rapidly as possible after any unplanned event. Armed with the data you need, you can:

  • Execute your plan with precise control
  • React quickly to unexpected, changing well conditions
  • Accelerate recovery after unplanned events through informed decision making

  • Deepwater and complex wells
  • Depleted reservoirs, tight-margin wells, and managed-pressure operations
  • Frac pack, gravel pack and screen installation, including tubing-conveyed perforating and displacement operations
  • Liner running and cementing
  • Complex drilling operations
  • Well bore interventions
  • Get real-time, downhole, distributed data across the entire well construction phase
  • Actuate and control downhole tools on-demand
  • Manage disruptions and react to what’s actually happening downhole in real time

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