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The Kymera™ Mach 5 hybrid drill bit extends drilling lengths from typical curve sections to handle combination sections of the well—saving trips and replacing both roller cone and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit runs. The Kymera Mach 5 drill bit extends your performance, digging beyond the curve.

Increase performance

Drawing on our drill bit expertise, the Kymera Mach 5 hybrid design package features precision balanced blade count and cone optimization, resulting in a proven performance step-change.

  • Increased blade counts improve lateral stability while making the bit more aggressive to stand up to wear and tear
  • Recessed cutters increase diamond volume, which improves durability to keep the bit engaged and extend distance drilled
  • Sharp, dense cone sets further allow improved rates of penetration (ROP)
  • Cutter selection options include Dynamus™ extended-life drill bits, StayTrue™ shaped diamond element technology, and Stabilis™ dual-chamfer cutters specifically selected to handle increased loads of challenging drilling environments to improve drilling speed and efficiency.


Kymera Mach 5 hybrid drill bit
pdf: 872.5 KB
.pdf 872.5 KB
Case Study
Kymera Mach 5 hybrid bit drilled one run curve in unconsolidated formation saving $100,000 USD
pdf: 95.17 KB
.pdf 95.17 KB
Case Study
Kymera hybrid drill bit saves 23 drilling days in exceptionally complex formations
pdf: 36.54 KB
.pdf 36.54 KB
Case Study
Kymera hybrid drill bit saves $1.5 million USD in rig time
pdf: 380.67 KB
.pdf 380.67 KB
Case Study
Kymera Mach 5 hybrid drill bit mitigates difficult run and lands curve on target
pdf: 875.62 KB
.pdf 875.62 KB
Case Study
Kymera hybrid drill bit improves steerability and increases ROP 41%
pdf: 100.1 KB
.pdf 100.1 KB

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