• Get reliable sidetracks compared to cement plug operations
  • Gain precise control over where the mill exits the wellbore
  • Get smooth passage through high doglegs and short-radius build sections
  • Ensure a precise kickoff point with a bit-friendly ramp

  • Cemented and non-cemented openhole side tracking
  • Highly compressive formations
  • Wellbores where cementing sidetracks are ineffective



Ensure reliable sidetracks in your openhole wells with whipstock systems from Baker Hughes. In a single trip downhole, our whipstock systems give you reliable control over where the mill exits your wellbore—eliminating the risks of missed runs and minimizing the time for cement plugs to set.


Ensure consistent and precise sidetracking

Unlike unpredictable cement plug sidetrack operations, our openhole whipstock system uses patented PathMaster™ technology to give you a solid kickoff point. Gain even greater control over where and how your sidetrack will leave the main wellbore, thanks to whipstock face orientation options including universal bottomhole orientation (gyro) or measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technologies.

These openhole whipstock systems are available in 8-1⁄2-in. and 12-1⁄4-in. sizes. With a fullbore inside diameter (ID) and stinger tube, our systems provide full circulation through the bottomhole assembly (BHA) during both run-in and anchoring operations. These features give you unrestricted cementing options and compatibility with a range of anchoring options, including the pump-through BigFoot™ openhole whipstock anchor and our retrievable inflatable whipstock anchor.

After being firmly anchored, the openhole whipstock running tool is released from the assembly using either ball drop or flow release and is then pulled out of hole. The milling BHA is then run in to begin normal sidetracking operations.

On average, these whipstock systems let you complete a sidetrack, in either cemented or noncemented applications, in less than 24 hours. You’ll also eliminate cement plug dry time and the potential for drilling through an inferior cement plug.

Contact us to learn how our whipstock systems can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your sidetracking operations.

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