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  • Enhance storage capacity and optimize well placements
  • Prevent unexpected geomechanical instabilities
  • Manage risk acceptance and comply with regulations

  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Underground gas storage
  • Geothermal reservoirs



Ensure the stability and integrity of your underground gas storage and geothermal systems with long-term monitoring solutions from Baker Hughes. Part of the proven portfolio of microseismic monitoring services, our long-term monitoring systems minimize the risks and maximize the value of your storage projects.

Regardless of your storage needs, our full suite of acquisition, real-time monitoring, and integrated analytics and advanced modeling expertise ensure success and storage security for the long term.

  • Enhance your storage and production capacity with secure, value-add monitoring systems that provide insights to caprock integrity, deliver detailed 4D images, monitor faults and formation response, improve well placements, and optimize injection and withdrawal cycles
  • Accurately assess risks with a traffic-light system that helps prevent unexpected geomechanical instabilities, preserve asset integrity, and avoid costly halts or shutdowns
  • Build a robust regulatory framework that ensures compliance, eases permit delivery or asset extension, manages risk acceptance, and resolves liability issues associated with natural and induced seismicity

Contact us to learn how long-term monitoring solutions from Baker Hughes can maximize the integrity and performance of your underground storage projects.

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