Remedial completions services from Baker Hughes provide proven production-enhancement solutions for your mature or underperforming assets—without the time and expense of a full workover.

Restore the completion integrity of your wells through our portfolio of intervention techniques to minimize risks and maximize the value of your assets.

  • Remove sand from your production fluids with a full range of sand control solutions. Thru-tubing gravel pack and standalone screens, annular cleaning systems, and chemical sand control systems all work to remove sand from your produced fluids. Select the right system to promote sand-free protection and protect your downhole systems from corrosion, erosion, or plugging damage.
  • Choke back unwanted gas and water breakthrough to boost well productivity with our line of zonal isolation and water shutoff systems. From straddle systems and tubing/packer repair to casing patches and remedial autonomous inflow control devices (AICD), our solutions extend your well’s production while minimizing the costs and risks associated with gas handling at the surface.
  • Deploy tools into your live well to perform remedial perforating, scale prevention, and sand screen installations with our deployment solutions. Deployment options include wireline, coiled tubing, or slickline.

Regardless of your specific production challenge, remedial completion services provide reliable solutions that deliver to re-establish completion integrity and meet your production goals. 

  • Reduce operational time and minimize costs. Cut your rig time and minimize downtime with remedial completion services that can be installed via live well intervention
  • Prevent sand production and associated damage to your downhole systems. Repair sand-induced damage and inhibit future sand retention with our thru-tubing sand control systems
  • Increase oil production and well efficiency. Re-enforce wellbore and reservoir connectivity to maximize your production with our remedial completion services

Let’s work together to discover how our remedial completion services can extend the productive life of your wells—at lower risk and cost.

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