• Increase rate of penetration
  • Reduce nonproductive time
  • Maximize flow rate or reallocation to the motor and bit

  • Land operations using synthetic or mineral oil-based mud (OBM)
  • Operations where flow rate or circulating pressure limits drilling performance
  • Well paths requiring maximum torque reduction



Improve your drilling efficiency and well economics with the NEXT-DRILL™ invert emulsion drilling fluid system from Baker Hughes. Specially formulated to boost your bottom line through improved circulating pressure management, the NEXT-DRILL system increases rate of penetration (ROP) while lowering nonproductive time (NPT).

The NEXT-DRILL system helps you manage circulating pressure with its highly shear-thinning rheological profile. The system is optimized to reduce viscosity in the drillstring for less wasted pump pressure, while maximizing viscosity in the annulus for more efficient cuttings transport. These performance improvements will help you reach total depth (TD) faster, bring production online sooner, and move quickly to your next drilling project.

The NEXT-DRILL system also has a unique “rapid-set/easy-break” gel structure that prevents cuttings in the vertical
section from settling into the curve during connections and trips. This feature, combined with its ultra-low-shear-rate viscosity (ULSR), prevents cuttings in your lateral from agglomerating or “gluing down” on the bottom of the wellbore during connections. As a result, you achieve a cleaner wellbore with minimal torque and drag on the drillstring.

And because the gels break easily, your pumps can initiate circulation with minimum pressure spikes, preserving your wellbore’s integrity while preventing costly mud losses and NPT. The NEXT-DRILL system’s unique properties improve your ability to lower circulating pressure compared to conventional oil-based mud (OBM).

With reduced pressure, you get valuable pressure allocation options that significantly improve your well economics:

  • Maximize flow rate for more horsepower to the motor and bit, resulting in increased ROP
  • Improve cuttings transport for more effective hole cleaning
  • Reallocate pressure to downhole tools to improve your drilling efficiency and operations

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