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Baker Hughes can enable access to bypassed hydrocarbons in your existing reservoirs, with state-of-the-art solutions in logging, perforations, slim-hole re-entry drilling and infill drilling while reducing your operational carbon footprint.

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Learn how Baker Hughes tripled the average production rate and increased annual well delivery by 54%.


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Baker Hughes has a portfolio of technologies that consistently succeed in the drilling of new wells, side tracks and slot recovery, well deepening and infill drilling. With the right experts on hand, the productivity of your fields can be enhanced, reaching into previously untapped sections of the reservoirs.

The Mature Assets Solutions methodologies focus on a systematic approach applying technologies with fit-for-purpose solutions that can tap into hydrocarbons missed during initial phases of extraction from scenarios such as:

Challenging Formations. Complex geologies like tight reservoirs require special drilling techniques, expertise, and equipment.

Reservoir Compartments. Isolated geologic units within reservoirs segregate reserves due to barriers like faults or stratigraphic boundaries.

Undrained Areas. Zones outside initial wells' drainage radius require infill drilling to exploit.

Inefficient Sweeps. Initial injector wells don’t sweep hydrocarbons correctly driving the need for new injector wells.

Limited Surface Slots. Existing developments like offshore platforms have restricted space for new wells.

Fluid Migration. When hydrocarbons move to a reservoir's upper structure new drainage wells are needed for production.

Our solutions are designed to operate through-tubing, reducing risk and cost for operations such as hydraulic workover pull-outs and well recompletion. Also, several systems can be implemented rigless, eliminating the need for a drilling rig and reducing your carbon footprint

Through our multi-discipline experience and advanced technology in deployment, logging, perforating and recompletion, along with our industry leading coil tubing drilling and through-tubing rotatory drilling services, Baker Hughes can help improve the economics of your mature field. 

Contact us today to learn how Mature Assets Solutions from Baker Hughes can increase drainage and maximize profitability and extend the life of your existing reservoirs.


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Formation diagnostics

GasView service

GasView Service

SureVIEW DTS and DAS services

SureVIEW Coil Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Service

Coil tubing drilling (CTD) and through tubing rotary drilling (TTRD)

CoilTrak HT coiled tubing drilling BHA

CoilTrak HT Coiled Tubing Drilling BHA

CoilTrak coiled tubing BHA system

Coiled Tubing Drilling Services

Advanced Slim MWD System

Advanced Slim MWD System

Perforating solutions

DeepConnect reservoir-driven perforating charges

DeepConnect Reservoir-Driven Perforating Charges

Snapshot live-well deployment system

Snapshot Live-Well Deployment System

Slot recovery solutions

Computer rendering of the X-treme WindowMaster whipstock system

X-treme WindowMaster Whipstock System

Infill and efficient drilling solutions

Proxima advanced logging services

Proxima Advanced Logging Services

SureTrak steerable drilling liner service

SureTrak Steerable Drilling Liner Service

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