BLC centrifugal compressor.

Proven experience in CO2 handling

High compression of COis critical for the transportation and eventual storage of CO2. Compressors need to be able to handle COwith materials that can withstand corrosive conditions. 

We offer a variety of commercially ready solutions for high-pressure and corrosive conditions.

FPS Facility in Houston,

Ongoing innovation in composite pipe to transport CO2 safely

The technical demands posed by CO2 transport will require advancements in areas such as durable composite piping. 

Our flexible products have a proven capability in CO2 rich environments, supported by our dedicated research program on the topic of stress corrosion cracking and permeation of CO2 into the pipe annulus.


Leveraging 50 years of Baker Hughes experience in CO2 compression & transport

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Compression and liquefaction technology

As we work to tackle the energy transition's toughest challenges, our portfolio of advanced compression technology is continuously evolving—ensuring we also meet the energy industry's most demanding requirements.

  • COcompressors
  • Solutions for high pressure applications
  • Pumps, valves, and instrumentation
  • Compressors control system


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Pipeline and transport technology

Start-up, routine inspection, shutdown, and venting of CO2 pipelines can differ considerably from natural gas pipelines. Baker Hughes offers a range of inspection and sensing technology to help protect our customers' ability to operate effectively.



  • Nondestructive pipeline inspection
  • Installed corrosion monitoring
  • Flexible nonmetallic pipe
  • Flow, gas, moisture, and pressure sensing 

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CCUS is a net-zero imperative: here’s how we make it a reality

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