• Mean time between maintenance (MTBM) of 32,000 factored fired hours (FFH) or 1,300 factored fired starts (FFS)
  • Capable of single-digit NOx emissions
  • Can burn a wide range of gas and liquid fuels, syngas option, low emissions, grid support, peaking, cyclic and base load modes

  • Single-shaft engine with hot-end drive, 17 axial compressor stages, and 13.1:1 pressure ratio
  • 14 combustion chambers with reverse-flow STD/DLN1+ combustion system (single-digit NOx emissions)
  • Three turbine stages with air-cooled first and second stage nozzles and buckets

  • Simple cycle and cogeneration
  • Combined cycle with steam turbine
  • LNG



This turbine's success in the 100-150 MW class stems from an excellent fit in a wide variety of applications with many customers—including oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial, and electric utility.


50/60 Hz
132 MW
NOx emissions
5 ppm
Exhaust temperature
544ºC (1,012ºF)
3,000 rpm
Hot gas path inspection
32,000 hours
Major inspection
64,000 hours
Package dimensions, LxWxH
32.5 x 4.5 x 6 m (106.6 x 14.8 x 19.7 ft)


DLN1+ specification. At ISO conditions with natural gas fuel, ambient temperature 15ºC, no inlet or exhaust losses, sea level, 60% relative humidity. Package dimensions include driven equipment.



With more than 700 units installed worldwide, the Frame 9/1E provides proven energy efficiency, availability, reliability, and maintainability.


Fuel flexibility

It can operate with syngas/process gas, distillate oil, crude/residual, or natural gas in a variety of applications—and it can burn fuels with high hydrogen content (refinery and petrochemical).


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