Treat the cause, not the symptom and restore production of your reservoirs

Production optimisation requires an understanding of both the causes and consequences of production challenges. Using a multidisciplinary approach, data-driven-insight, and a broad technology portfolio, we develop customized solutions to overcome challenges and maximise return on investment by improving hydrocarbon recovery and enhancing production from existing wells.

Project spotlight

Discover how Baker Hughes extended the field economic life of a 30-year-old depleted reservoir by 20 years.


Solutions from start to finish

Throughout the asset life cycle, Baker Hughes has the tools, technology and the experience to meet your evolving requirements.

During field development, drilling is optimized for efficient well construction to ensure wellbore stability, strategic well placement, and optimized completions. As the field reaches maturity and the reservoir declines, our team takes a subsurface driven approach to develop insights and recommend solutions that will maximize asset value.  

Whether it’s accelerating production, increasing recovery, or improving operating efficiency, we have the solutions to address every application:

Optimise Well Stock by rejuvenating underperforming wells and reactivating shut-in wells through wellbore clean-up, formation remediation, production enhancement, minimizing unwanted fluids/solids, and optimising lifting capacity.

Maximise Production Revenue with our tools to optimize flow to ensure maximum hydrocarbon production. Moreover, minimise downtime by increasing lift efficiency, eliminating flow constraints, and using analytics to predict and prevent failure.

Maximize Return on Investment by locating and quantifying stranded oil, maximizing reservoir contact, optimizing displacement efficiency and increasing economically recoverable reserves.

Our expertise

Explore our production optimization solutions

Production enhancement

MICRO-CURE E2 cased-hole remediation system

Micro-Cure E2

Heavy oil production optimization

Heavy Oil Optimization


Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) services

Flow assurance

Photo of a geothermal field.

ThermaStim Geothermal low corrosion in-situ acid

Photo of a Baker Hughes chemical engineer in the lab.

PermaFLO Asphaltene Solid Inhibitor Particles

RESTORE wellbore remediation program

RESTORE Wellbore Remediation Program

CENesis Curve tight-radius system

CENesis Curve Tight-Radius ESP System

Sta-Live Extreme polymer-free, single-phase delayed acid system with Gulf Energy 2023 finalist award logo.

Sta-Live Extreme Polymer –Free Single Phase, Delayed Acid System

Image of the CENefficient high-efficiency ESP system system.

CENefficient High-Efficiency ESP System

Digital enablers

Leucipa automated field production solution hero.

Leucipa Automated Field Production Solution

Digital abstract graphic representing ProductionLink Edge.

ProductionLink Edge Smart Artificial Lift Automation Solution

Stimulation solutions

Stimulation and fracturing

Stimulation and Fracturing

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