Conventional fishing

Our portfolio of conventional fishing technologies for cased-hole and openhole operations includes the industry’s largest selection of fishing, milling, cutting, and specialty tools available. These field-proven tools and systems are designed to remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently so you can maximize production and minimize downtime.

We invented many of the well bore interventions tools used in cased-hole, openhole, and thru tubing intervention. Decades of field experience and our continuous investment in research and engineering have resulted in innovative milling, cutting, pulling, cleaning, and other innovative solutions to the problems that impede production and interrupt operations.

From specialty carbide inserts that enhance penetration rates and mill life, to our xSight™ smart intervention service smart intervention service that provides real-time data to help optimize operations, we have the time-tested equipment and broad experience to meet your fishing challenge.


Wellbore Cleanup

Up to 30% of nonproductive time (NPT) experienced during completions is a result of debris left in the wellbore.

Our complete suite of wellbore cleanup systems significantly reduce cost and completion risk by effectively cleaning casing and removing debris before the well is completed to ensure trouble-free operations and maximum reservoir return. Our X-Treme Clean™ wellbore cleanup (WBCU) and displacement solution are mechanical tools that include reliable, modular systems organized into different tiers of products and services to match your application, whether onshore or in a complex deepwater well.  


Casing exit systems

Our field-proven casing exit systems enable one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions, ensuring operators can reach previously uneconomical reserves and bypass trouble.

With more than 5,000 successful runs, our wide selection of anchors, window mills, retrieving tools, section mills, underreamers, whipstocks, and accessory tools can overcome any challenge, no matter how complex. With our casing exit systems, you can access all areas of your payzone quickly, efficiently, and with minimum risk.

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