Optimize your well interventions with robust, reliable bit and mill technologies from Baker Hughes.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical in your well intervention jobs. That’s why we’ve designed our bits and mills to minimize the risks, costs, and time of your milling operations.

Whatever your specific milling challenge, our bits and mills provide proven solutions.

Perform a range of milling operations, including milling loose joints of pipe, perforated casing, and old casing, with advanced milling technology (AMT) like the AMT™ section mill. Dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ AMT cutters, the AMT section mill provides fast penetration rates through corrosion-resistant alloys, extends time on bottom in high-volume milling jobs, and provides improved swarf removal.

Mill full-gauge casing windows and continue drilling in the same trip downhole with the PathMAKER™ formation mill. Equipped with high-impact PDC cutters, the PathMAKER cuts through metal and hard rock formations alike, in less time and lower cost than conventional mills that require several trips.

Achieve maximum rate of penetration (ROP), with more footage and less trips, with Vanguard™ Steel-Tooth tricone drill bits. Designed for high aggressiveness in soft-formation drilling, the Vanguard bit’s pyramid tooth-cutting structure mitigates bit balling to increase drilling rates. Shale operators routinely see significant gains in drilling speed and distance with a Vanguard bit.

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