• Enhance wellbore stability when drilling through shales
  • Reduce logistics and storage costs with extensive shelf life and extreme climate stability
  • Ensure effective sealing of depleted and weak formations
  • Water-based drilling fluids
  • Invert emulsion drilling fluids
  • Offshore and onshore applications



Enhance wellbore stability and seal off depleted, weak formations with the NANOSHIELD™ wellbore sealing polymer from Baker Hughes. Developed from a specially designed nanotechnology formulation, the wellbore sealing solution delivers superior wellbore integrity when drilling through sensitive shales and other structurally weak formations.

Enhance drilling performance in wide-ranging applications

NANOSHIELD wellbore sealing polymer works effectively in both water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluid systems. In water-based systems, the synthetic polymer product’s nano-scale particles (d50: 200 nanometers) enter microfractures in the shale to reduce fluid invasion and associated pore pressure increases. In your high-salinity mud systems, NANOSHIELD wellbore sealing polymer improves osmotic pressure management to significantly reduce shale permeability.

In invert emulsion drilling fluids, the NANOSHIELD sealing polymer acts as a polymeric high-pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT) fluid loss reducer. The polymer can also be used with sized synthetic graphitic products such as the Baker Hughes LC-LUBE™ additive to effectively seal highly permeable, porous formations. This combination lets you reduce the risk of induced fractures and thereby lower the likelihood of differential sticking and downhole losses.

As part of the Baker Hughes family of Intelligent Fluids Solutions, NANOSHIELD wellbore sealing polymer helps address your major well construction challenges for maximum long-term production. And through collaboration with our drilling fluids experts, you’re assured optimal treatment dosage and application for peak wellbore stability.

Contact us today to learn how the NANOSHIELD wellbore sealing polymer can ensure superior well integrity while drilling through your most challenging formations.



Case Study
NANOSHIELD enabled drilling in unstable shale gas block in China
PDF: 326.15 KB
.PDF 326.15 KB
Case Study
NANOSHIELD sealing nanotechnology enhanced CARBO-DRILL system, provided wellbore stability for drilling complex well
PDF: 531.7 KB
.PDF 531.7 KB

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