• Deliver casing across problematic zones
  • Reduce occurrences of stuck pipe and losing hole sections
  • Deliver to long horizontal applications in extended-reach wells

  • Low annular clearance designs
  • Low equivalent circulating density systems
  • Systems requiring ISO rating V0



Reliably install your tight-clearance liners with the INLine™ Liner Hanger/Packer system from Baker Hughes. Specifically designed for wells with low annular clearance, the INLine system combines the liner hanger and packer system into one solution to reduce the size of steps between casing diameters.


Lower completion costs with an integrated design

To save time and money, your wellbore construction jobs call for reducing the size of the steps between casing diameters. The INLine system achieves this by combining several leading edge technologies into a single tool to deliver a low clearance design.

The system is hydraulically actuated, uses FLEX-LOCK™ slips, and includes the compression set ZXP™ liner top packer.

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