Baker Hughes's water management solutions answer the water-related challenges of upstream E&P operations throughout the well lifecycle to improve hydrocarbon production and optimize water-to-oil ratios while reducing water-related costs.

When water production interferes with ultimate recovery, Baker Hughes's subsurface production conformance and assurance services team can diagnose, design, and deploy custom solutions to solve your excess water production issues efficiently and economically. Whether the issue is near wellbore or deep in the reservoir, our solutions change or stop the water flow, improving recovery rates and sweep efficiencies. To increase recovery, our experts apply technologies that focus on water production avoidance, reservoir conformance, shutoff, and flow assurance.

Our systemic approach to well water conformance includes the application of engineered remedial solutions such as relative permeability modifiers, polymers, resins, surfactant blends, cements, and other chemicals designed to either reduce water cut while maintaining hydrocarbon production, or to permanently shut off unwanted fluids. 

Through a holistic approach that begins at the diagnostic phase, our experts determine the most efficient deployment method to deliver your treatment. Our mechanical solutions are deployed through state-of-the-art thru-tubing solutions, and include medium and high-expansion straddle systems, permanent or retrievable high-expansions plugging solutions, patches, and remedial thru-tubing AICDs. By combining years of experience, skilled engineering teams, and a robust portfolio of industry-leading downhole solutions, we can help you minimize risk while maximizing the value of your assets. 

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