In line with the industry’s ongoing transition from electrohydraulic to All-Electric systems, Baker Hughes is leading the way with the launch of its first All-Electric subsea production system in 2021.

Subsea electrification offers our customers substantial benefits – the ability to deploy new subsea production systems that have lower CAPEX and OPEX costs, improved reliability and availability, reduced topside footprint, access to assets in deeper water and longer step-outs and elimination of the HSE risk of accidental spillage or release of hydraulic fluid to the environment. 

Subsea electrification is also an important step towards lowering the carbon footprint of subsea operations.

Our All-Electric technology will be compatible with all our subsea production system variants, including our Aptara™ range of lightweight compact trees and manifolds. 

Our capabilities extend to subsurface and include electrical downhole safety valves and electrical ICVs (Inflow Control Valves) from our Intelligent Subsea electrification is also an important step towards lowering the carbon footprint of subsea operations.  

Completions group. Our All-Electric system will have the ability to interface with other elements including subsea chemical injection and storage systems (SSCS&I) and to subsea HPUs as an alternative method for controlling the downhole safety valve. Digitalization will play a key role in delivering enhanced reliability and availability and system performance through continuous condition monitoring based on an abundance of data from sensors, control boards and battery management systems embedded in our subsea electric actuators. 

Longer term, the next generation of All-Electric subsea production systems will be controlled through autonomous power and communication systems. We are engaging with partners to evaluate the feasibility of using novel wave and tidal power systems together with inherent communication capabilities that will enable the complete elimination of hydraulic and power connections to topside facilities.

But All-Electric is not all in the future. Today we provide electric actuators for brownfield applications to replace faulty hydraulic actuators on manifold structures, high-speed anti‑surge actuators for subsea gas compression systems and electric chokes are available as standard on our subsea tree and manifolds. You can learn more about our range of electric actuators later in this section.  

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