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Time-proven versatility

Launched in 1991, the MS-700 subsea wellhead system continues to be one of the most widely used wellheads in the world. Operators in every global basin have relied on the MS-700 for some of their most challenging campaigns.Over three decades, the MS-700 has proven its versatility across a wide range of applications—including TLP/spar tie-back, exploration, subsea completion, and deepwater drilling. We can deliver an MS-700 wellhead system, supporting multiple casing configurations from 36 inches through to 7 inches, in around five months. The system comes with 7 million lbs.of total load capacity, which allows for three casing strings and up to 3 million lbs.combined string weight.


Extreme reliability and safety

Baker Hughes provides the benefits of true metal-to-metal seals with the MS-700, and we supply a single-trip running tool to test both the casing hanger and the annulus seal. The system has high-pressure capabilities,of up to 15,000 psi, temperature capabilities up to 350°F (177°C) and bending capacity up to 5.25 million maintain high standards of reliability and safe operation.


Key features:
  • Allows additional casing string to be hung under the wellhead
  • Includes a single-trip running tool to test both the casing hanger and the annulus seal
  • High pressure capabilities: up to 15,000
  • High temperature capabilities: up to 350°F (177°C)
  • Up to 7 million ft-lbs.bending capacity
  • 7 million lbs. load capacity allows for three casing strings (up to 1 million lbs. each)
  • Delivery of make-to-order variant in five months

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