• Reliably lowers torque in both the lab and the field
  • Enables faster, more consistent drilling with durable diamond materials
  • Reduces heat generation at cutter/rock interface
  • Maintains sharper edge for more efficient drilling and longer run life

  • Abrasive formations
  • High-speed motor applications
  • Interbedded sandstones and carbonates

Drill faster, longer runs through abrasive formations with the proven StayCool™ 2.0 shaped-cutter technology from Baker Hughes. With their unique nonplanar diamond table geometry, StayCool 2.0 shaped cutters reduce friction and heat generation at the rock interface—improving rates of penetration (ROPs) and overall drilling efficiency.


Stays cool and lasts longer

Designed for use on the Dynamus™ extended-life PDC drill bits, StayCool 2.0 cutters generate 25% less heat than conventional planar cutters. This heat reduction translates to a more durable cutting edge, less cracking and spalling, and a longer drilling run life. The technology’s multidimensional design, coupled with the optimized placement of each cutter on your bit, helps ensure extended runs, fewer bit trips, and less overall time to total depth (TD).

Contact us to learn how StayCool 2.0 shaped cutters can help you maximize ROP and minimize drilling time in your toughest drilling environments.

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