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Enhancing pulp and paper uptime and profitability with DCS and Safety Systems


How leading pulp and paper companies are adopting intelligent control and 4IR capabilities to increase productivity, automation, and protection

Pulp and paper manufacturers are at an important inflection point. Those that embrace the shift to digitization and automation are forging new ways to profitably compete in a highly dynamic marketplace. Key outcomes are improved production efficiency, more intelligent uptime, minimized downtime and enhanced safety.

Central to this digital shift and the resulting outcomes, are Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Safety Systems. These solutions, based on smart, data-driven approaches and automation, are helping pulp and paper manufacturers on the journey toward automation, and ultimately to Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution).

This whitepaper leverages insights from interviews with 40 global pulp and paper manufacturers on how DCS and Safety Systems are transforming operations, driving outcomes and catalyzing automation. Download it today to learn more about:

  1. The challenges facing Pulp and Paper manufacturers
  2. The relationship between 4IR and DCS systems
  3. Specific solutions that can help and how to get started

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