• Ensure precise casing point selection
  • Maximize your productive reservoir length by reducing cased-off intervals
  • Maximize your productive well interval with early detection of reservoir entry or exit

  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Reservoirs with complex, rapidly changing lithographies
  • Drilling operations with high-risk zones and potential wellbore stability challenges



Quickly identify formation changes while drilling with the ZoneTrak™ G Near-Bit Gamma service from Baker Hughes. The resulting borehole gamma image helps you avoid wellbore instability challenges while optimizing well placement in the most productive part of your reservoir.

High-quality, near-bit measurements

The ZoneTrak G service delivers high-quality, single- and dual-gamma ray measurements up to 500 API, with an accuracy of +/- 5 API at 100 API. It also provides azimuthal gamma ray, gamma images, and drilling dynamics measurements.

The ZoneTrak G service uses these high-resolution measurements to generate borehole gamma images directly behind the bit. These images, together with our Reservoir Navigation Services (RNS) and family of AutoTrak™ rotary steerable systems (RSS), allow for efficient geosteering to maximize your reservoir exposure. The service also provides accurate information for geostopping, particularly in low-resistivity contrast formations.

The ZoneTrak G service’s sensors are placed much closer to the bit than other logging tools, which allows formation changes to be identified faster. The service also saves valuable rig time by eliminating the requirements to circulate cuttings to surface to verify lithological changes.

The borehole image interpretation affords faster access to critical information for structural analysis, such as geological targets, formation bed boundaries, fault identification, dip picking, and potential trouble zones.

Measurement accuracy and versatility

The ZoneTrak G service includes two scintillation gamma ray detectors for high statistical repeatability of the measurements and improved service reliability. In addition, the data telemetry system can be tailored to improve resolution of the transmitted data for improved measurement accuracy.

The ZoneTrak G service is available in 4-3⁄4-in., 6-3⁄4-in., and 9-1⁄2-in. sizes to ensure measurement coverage for virtually any borehole size. Special versions of the 6-3⁄4-in. and 9-1⁄2-in. service are also available for running above conventional motor systems or directly above the bit.

Deploy the ZoneTrak G service in your bottomhole assembly to facilitate accurate placement of a casing shoe or the beginning of a core run—without missing the top of the reservoir. And by minimizing your exposure to trouble zones, the service eliminates the additional drilling required to put the wellbore back into the reservoir’s productive zone. It also avoids the nonproductive time and cost associated with correcting well integrity problems such as kicks or lost circulation.

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