Carbon management and energy transition services from GaffneyCline Energy Advisory provide trusted, third-party assessments of energy projects’ carbon risks and opportunities. Building on our oil and gas expertise, our Carbon Management practice performs technical, commercial, and strategic assessments to help improve your carbon evaluations, reporting requirements, permit applications, and financial transactions.

The Carbon Management practice is built on four pillars of activity:

  1. Quantifying an asset’s carbon intensity (CO2-equivalent emissions per unit of product) and benchmarking against an existing database of 9,000 fields across 90 countries
  2. Evaluating carbon and climate policies and regulations across the value chain—from the reservoir to the point of sale—to determine their influence on business competitiveness over time
  3. Assessing the optimal carbon solutions to cost-effectively avoid, reduce, replace, offset, or sequester CO2-equivalent emissions and ensure continued compliance and competitiveness
  4. Verifying emissions reductions to help stakeholders realize associated benefits

GaffneyCline Energy Advisory’s experts combine these pillars into a systematic approach for solving energy transition issues related to oil and gas resources, assets, and investments.  These solutions—coupled with deep analysis and application expertise—help producers, regulators, and investors across the energy production and distribution chain make informed decisions on project acquisitions, developments, and investments.

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