Carson Valley, Nevada
Keeping Nature in Mind

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Environmental Conscience

Proven Dedication to HSE

Baker Hughes is committed to manufacturing high-quality, reliable products for harsh industrial environments, and maintaining a healthy, safe environment for our customers and employees.

Global Product Compliance Awareness

Baker Hughes is committed to deliver products in compliance with all applicable regulations including product environmental requirements. We invest in tools and processes to monitor product compliance on an ongoing basis and achieve global market access per our regulatory excellence policy.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Baker Hughes supports sound environmental management of products at the end of the intended use and for undertaking Circular Economy efforts. We strive to ensure our products and batteries enter the right value stream by partnering with the most experienced providers.

If your DS product or its battery has fulfilled its intended use and/or has reached the end of its life cycle in your hands let us know via our request form.

Chemical in Products

We track compliance status of purchased items and our assembled products for substance restrictions in accordance with global restricted substance regulations such as EU REACH, global RoHS and Batteries.  We have processes in place to actively collect information on regulated substances such as EU REACH CLS and inform our customers about their presence. Please contact us if you require any additional information.