• Increase rate of penetration in deviated or lateral wells
  • Mitigate drilling risks in extreme, overbalanced conditions
  • Get improved wellbore stability with reduced fluid loss to the formation

  • Mature fields and sensitive formations
  • High temperature wells exceeding 350°F (177°C)
  • Wells exhibiting narrow formation pressure windows or equivalent circulating densities



Ensure improved wellbore stability in your differentially pressured formations with the BRIDGEFORM™ single-sack wellbore strengthening system from Baker Hughes. Leveraging advanced nanotechnology, the system can significantly reduce induced losses in your formation while enhancing your rate of penetration (ROP).


Simplified wellbore strengthening for any fluid system

The next generation in the Baker Hughes MAX-BRIDGE™ advanced bridging solution, the BRIDGEFORM wellbore strengthening system mitigates your risk of differential sticking while improving wellbore integrity. In some applications, the system eliminates casing by combining two sections with different pressure profiles.

The BRIDGEFORM wellbore strengthening system is delivered to your well site as a dry powder in a single sack. This sack can be stored for extended times at extreme temperatures and mixed easily at the rig with a minimal product footprint.

The system exhibits equal performance in both water-based and oil-based systems, with a minimal impact on rheology. The system also reduces high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) fluid losses while minimizing formation damage.

As part of the Baker Hughes family of Intelligent Fluids Solutions, the BRIDGEFORM single-sack wellbore strengthening system helps address your major well construction challenges for maximum long-term production. And through collaboration with our drilling fluids experts, you’re assured optimal treatment dosage and application for peak wellbore stability.

Contact us today to learn how the BRIDGEFORM single-sack wellbore strengthening system can improve drilling efficiency in your most structurally sensitive formations.

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