• Minimize formation damage with enzymatic degradation of starch and biopolymer in filter cakes
  • Reduce rig time and costs with flexible deployment options
  • Deploy with no special handling restrictions and without corroding downhole equipment

  • Openhole reservoirs
  • Water-based drill-in fluid filter cake removal
  • Workover and remediation operations

Effectively remove the starch and xantham gum in your water-based drill-in fluid filter cakes with the Baker Hughes Mudzyme™ enzymatic filter cake breaker system. In a single step, this environmentally friendly approach efficiently degrades filter cake damage to ensure higher production rates in your wells.


Apply the right solution for your application

The Mudzyme system is one of Baker Hughes's Intelligent Fluids Solutions designed to address your greatest well construction and production challenges. The enzyme-based system provides an efficient and effective alternative to traditional low-pH acid breakers that degrade water-based filter cake damage. The enzymes work reliably at bottomhole temperatures up to 275°F (135°C). Our enzymes are also effective in monovalent brines such as seawater, potassium chloride (KCl), sodium chloride (NaCl), and sodium bromide (NaBr), but should not be used with a mutual solvent.

Our application specialists work with you to custom formulate the Mudzyme system to your needs. The Mudzyme enzymes provide the most aggressive rate of polymer degradation at a pH between 4 and 5. A standard Mudzyme soak solution is adjusted to your required pH prior to pumping downhole. If a longer delay in the destruction of the filter cake is required, we can easily adjust the breaker's pH higher to slow the rate at which the enzymes destroy the polymers.

The Mudzyme system can be blended at your rig or shipped out in tote tanks. The solution must be pumped within 24 hours. The system’s environmentally friendly enzymes lower your risks at the rig and require no special handling restrictions. This enzyme system is compatible with gravel pack proppants and downhole equipment. This system maintains a relatively constant pH between 4 and 8 when used with organic acids like acetic or formic acid.

Contact us today to learn how the Mudzyme system can help maximize productivity by effectively breaking up filter cakes in your well.


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