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  • Minimize NPT and risks of shock damage to your perforating BHA, workstring, packers, and plugs
  • Check for mechanical forces acting on the bottomhole assembly
  • Look for pressure surges acting inside or outside the tubulars, on the packer, or on other

  • Deepwater wells
  • HP/HT reservoirs
  • Single-zone and multizone sand control completions



Get clear insights into the potential risks of perforating shock damage to your formation and completion tools with the Baker Hughes TerraGARD™ shock modeling service. The gun shock and risk detection service delivers wellbore dynamics modeling and risk mitigation analysis for your critical wellbore applications where large-diameter, high-shot density perforating guns are deployed.


Assured problem prevention

With the TerraGARD service, you’ll understand the expected gun shock and wellbore dynamics in your job design activities. Use these insights to predict, combat, and prevent perforating-related problems before executing the operation.

Part of the Baker Hughes TerraConnect™ engineered perforating solutions portfolio, TerraGARD includes pre-job design analysis using our PulsFrac™ modeling software. Using parameters from your upcoming job such as gun explosive content, wellbore hydrostatic pressure, reservoir permeability, and well architecture, our combined TerraGARD and PulsFrac services provide the most comprehensive job design and risk-reduction solutions for your perforating job.

Draw on the interpretation experience of our perforating experts to help you make the most out of the modeling outputs. Minimize perforating shock risks that can damage packers and tailpipe assemblies, thus avoiding costly nonproductive time (NPT) associated with stuck assemblies, collapsed tubulars, or lost-in-hole operations. And by modeling the complex interplay of pressure transients in the wellbore during perforating, you can avoid significant shock loading events that threaten the integrity of your downhole tubulars and equipment.

Contact us to learn how the TerraGARD shock modeling service can help you safely execute your perforating operations.

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