It’s a family affair with the Lords of Panametrics and Druck!

John and Jake“An absolute blessing…”

That’s how Panametrics’ Lab Technician, John Lord, described his son’s (Jake) first year at Druck as a Repair Technician. Both John and Jake work at the Baker Hughes facility in Billerica, Massachusetts.

After trying out a number of different jobs since leaving school, 20-year-old Jake celebrated his one-year anniversary at Druck on last month. “This is by far the best job, I’ve had,” said Jake. “I enjoy working with the team – they are great people and really supportive – and I love what I do.  Getting my hands dirty and problem solving is my thing. That’s exactly what I do with Druck’s pressure control modules – I strip them apart, identify the problem, correct it, reassemble, test and then hand over to calibration. I love it!”

“It’s great too that I’m able to work with my Dad. We’ve always been very close and he’s been a great mentor to me. However, I draw the line at sharing the commute – he doesn’t get up early enough in the mornings!”

John and Jake live 20 miles from the Billerica plant in Nashua, New Hampshire.  As John explains, the family of four (including daughter Kate and wife, Kimberley) have a long history with Panametrics.

“More than 31 years ago, I went for an interview at Panametrics,” said John.  “I had been a Theatre Major in College and had all but given up on my ambition of becoming an actor.  I needed to eat and put a roof over my head, so I decided to get a proper job!  Fortunately, the interview went well and I began my career with Panametrics in October 1990.  I still work in the same laboratory as I did 31 years ago!  There are more than enough technology developments to keep me stimulated, and I enjoy it as much today as I did when I was a fresh faced new recruit.“

As John outlines, joining Panametrics was the best decision he ever made.  “Of course, I continue to have a rewarding career – I’ve enjoyed every minute. However, if it were not for this job, Jake and Kate would not even be here!”

John explained: “Two weeks after laying my eyes on a Panametrics Marketing Professional called Kimberley Manning, I knew I was going to ask her to marry me. This was before I’d even asked her on a date! I did eventually suck up the courage to ask her out and we enjoyed our first date on December 3rd 1990. 11 months later we got married and Kimberley Manning became Kimberley Lord! (the pic below of Kim and I was taken at some point in the late 90s).”

Kimberley was first hired by Panametrics in 1987 and enjoyed almost 30 years working across communications and marketing at previous owning companies Lufkin and GE before taking a role at the Lords’ local church. 

“During my early childhood, my Mum would frequently work weekends and Kate and I would help replace branding across the Billerica plant,” said Jake. “So before starting my career with Druck, the site already felt like something of a second home.”

John concluded: “Panametrics and the Billerica site continues to be a huge part of our family.  We’ve made so many friends and had so much support from colleagues over the years. It’s very rewarding to see Jake flourish in his role at Druck – he has the world at his feet and I’ll support him in any way I can.  For now, I’m relishing the opportunity to spend even more time with him.“

Chris Cunningham, Billerica Site Leader, added: “One of our key strengths at the Billerica site is our culture.  We are one big family. Jake, John and Kimberley, have made a big contribution to that culture. We support each other through the good and the bad – that’s what families do.  I’m also proud that John has chosen to spend most of his career with Panametrics and pleased that Jake is doing so well at Druck – I hope he is here for the long term too! 

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John and Jake