• Up to two years faster from inception to operation—including significantly fewer on-site personnel and less site time
  • Lower engineering and construction costs with fully tested plug-and-play modules delivered to site
  • 20-30% less CO₂ lowering the carbon footprint of the liquefaction process

  • Compact liquefaction modules (0.8 up to 1.5 MTPA) can be added incrementally to increase capacity while managing financial exposure
  • Power-generation building blocks add to flexibility and maximize operability between power and liquefaction

  • Onshore and offshore LNG
  • Small to medium scale resources
  • Ideal for remote locations

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Baker Hughes NMBL™– LNG ready to go




Many LNG reserves around the world (both accessible and remote) are too small to be economically viable with the traditional large-scale, stick-built approach to engineering and construction.

Our solution changes that with pre-constructed turnkey LNG modules that minimize risk and give you total control over business growth strategies.

Even the 1-MTPA range is now viable and easy. Our modules can be quickly commissioned and scaled up by one or more at a time— to meet any gas demand.


Liquefaction module

With a production capacity of  1-MTPA range  of LNG, each module weighs 3,500-4,500 tons and has a total plant footprint of just 2,500-3,500 m2. Driven by an electric moto-compressor, the liquefaction process produces zero emissions.


1. Process module

  • Air coolers
  • Vessels
  • Electrical control cabins
  • Separators
  • Scrubbers


2. Electric moto-compressor

  • 40-50 MW class with common soft start
  • Other drivers available on request


3. Surge vessel 

  • Refrigeration storage


4. Cold box

  • Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (BAHX)


5. e-room

  • Soft starter
Liquefaction Module
Each liquefaction module includes 1) process module, 2) electric moto-compressor, 3) surge vessel, 4) cold box for up to 1 .5 MTPA LNG production, and 5) e-room.


Power-generation building blocks

Each block can power up to three liquefaction modules—with the proven performance of up to four LM9000 gas turbines (including spare) and one SC2-19 steam turbine.

LNG capacity (MTPA)

PG blocks

Running gas turbines

Spare gas turbines

Steam turbines
















They ensure 99% availability and provide heat extraction to process. The LM9000 can meet CCGT requirements and power-generation integration with renewables.

We are currently developing a battery pack that will eliminate the need for the gas turbines spinning reserve.


Low-risk construction and installation

The liquefaction modules and power-generation blocks are all fully constructed, tested, and commissioned at our yard in Avenza, Italy, before shipping to your project site. Upon arrival, final installation is 30% faster than traditional stick-built approaches, and requires 60% fewer on-site personnel (figures are indicative; results vary depending on project specifics). These factors, along with simplified interconnections and civil works, dramatically reduce project costs.

The pre-tested, modular approach minimizes site non-conformities, enables exact replication from one module to the next, and ensures a predictable schedule with minimized risk.

Baker Hughes construction yard in Avenza, Italy: ~290,000 m² and expanding


Our Avenza yard has comprehensive capabilities, including:

  • ~290,000 m2 and expanding
  • 2 covered warehouses, 27,000 m2 combined
  • 1.5 km from Carrara Port
  • 4,000 tons load-out capacity
  • 20 erection and testing areas
  • Testing for power-generation modules at full speed and full load up to 130 MW
  • Testing facilities under development for large LNG mechanical-drive trains at full speed and full load
  • Avenza-Massa-Florence proximity enables seamless interaction between all our engineering, construction, and testing resources


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