• Gain accurate formation evaluation and petrophysical answers
  • Reduce rig time with single-pass data acquisition
  • Get forward-looking curve response analysis under a variety of downhole conditions

  • Wells with casing ID more than 4.5 in.
  • Reservoirs requiring formation fluid monitoring during the production stage
  • Gas cap buildup monitoring

Acquire an accurate formation fluid saturation analysis directly through your casing with the RPM™ CE concurrent cement and formation evaluation service from Baker Hughes.

The RPM CE service delivers simultaneous cement bond evaluation with the Segmented Bond Tool™ (SBT™) and through-casing formation evaluation with the Reservoir Performance Monitor™ (RPM™) services. Together, these services optimize your data acquisition and deliver improved fluid saturation and petrophysical analysis.


Reduce logging ambiguity

The SBT service delivers real-time cement bond log information as well as any cement variation behind your casing. Because it is insensitive to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, emulsions, fast formations, tool eccentricity, and heavyweight casings up to 1-in. thick., the SBT service offers significant operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools.

The RPM service uses an advanced, slimhole, multi-detector, pulsed-neutron reservoir monitoring instrument to provide water saturation data with carbon/oxygen (C/O) and pulsed-neutron capture (PNC) measurements. The RPM service also delivers quantitative gas saturation using the GasView™ service and multi-phase formation fluid saturation using the OilView™, FluidView™, and OmniView™ services. Accurate knowledge of the cement bond augments and reduces the ambiguity in the fluid saturation analysis.

The RPM CE service’s response under varying formation fluid saturation conditions is improved using Monte Carlo modeling to provide an accurate response in a wide range of borehole, casing, and cement scenarios.


Log efficiently in less time

The RPM CE service saves you costly rig time by enabling the logging capabilities of the SBT and RPM services to be run simultaneously. And pre-job modeling from our exclusive deployment management process enables unassisted deployment on wireline, even in highly deviated wells. You’ll save operational time and resources on tractor-assisted deployments.

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