Automated Ultrasonic Testing
tube and pipe Testing
Inspection systems for safety-critical industrial assets

Have the highest degree of inspection confidence at the production rates modern factories demand. The Krautkrämer Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems are designed to ensure safety, quality and productivity. From high-pressure pipes used in the Oil and Gas infrastructure, to Aircraft wing structures and a host of other assets in between, there is a Krautkrämer systems available to meet all of your ultrasonic testing needs.

Eliminating defects early

The data generated by these systems, with tailored analytics, enable you not only to assess the quality of individual components, but to eliminate early generated defects during the manufacturing process—improving your bottom line.

Improving productivity

Built for today’s demands, the Krautkrämer Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems help you detect defects without impacting throughput.

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Power stronger performance

Increase efficiency and reliability with a customized upgrade package for your ultrasonic testing machine

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Krautkrämer SNUP

The industry standard for automated ultrasonic inspection for submerged-arc welded (SAW) pipe. Krautkrämer SNUP is designed for longitudinally or helical (spiral) welded pipe, prior to pipe expansion or after hydrostatic testing as the final quality inspection point.

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Krautkrämer ROT

A compact, high speed full-body tube tester with rotating ultrasonic probes for seamless and electrical resistance welded tubes and pipes. Integrate into your production line for online defect testing, and complete dimensional measurement.

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Krautkrämer ROWA-WT

A compact phased array ultrasonic testing machine for wall-thickness and dimensional measurement on seamless and electrical resistance welded tubes and pipes. Designed for direct integration into the production line and based on simple concepts, yet provides industry-leading performance at a low total cost per inspected part.

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