Krautkrämer SNUP-SP 

The Krautkrämer SNUP-SP system is designed for automated ultrasonic inspection of the weld seam and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) on Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW) pipe meeting the needs of API, DNV and other oil and gas transmission pipeline standards. SNUP-SP systems are built with industry-leading Phased Array technology or optionally with conventional ultrasonic testing methods to assess weld quality for process control prior to hydrotesting as well as for the final quality test.

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Product Features
Key Features
  • Meets final test requirements for API 5L, DNV-OS-F101 and other global pipeline operator standards
  • Standard Phased Array ultrasonic methods with optional Conventional ultrasound
  • Available in lifting frame or portal configurations
  • Rugged, stiff steel construction to minimize factory vibration impact on ultrasonic performance
  • In-line integration into welding process or off-line final UT
  • Automated setup with motorized probe centerline adjustment and sectorial scan optimization
  • No dimensional or wall thickness limitations
  • Optional Full Body UT inspection of base material between weld
  • Optional Integration with BPE/OBPE Coil Strip Tester
  • 100% in-process testing of HSAW welds
  • High test speeds to match weld line throughput
  • Flexible platform with fast changeover and setup for different pipe geometries
  • Excellent ultrasonic inspection performance
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