Steel and Aluminum Plate Testing
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Forging and casting testing for raw materials

Waygate Technologies’ line of automated, in-line ultrasonic plate testers span applications from steel used in SAW Pipe to heavy plates used in wind towers and other demanding structural applications. Our complete turnkey systems provide 100% full-body inspection or sampling inspection, and can be integrated into — and perform at the speed of — your production line.

Improving accuracy 

Forged and cast metallic parts are used extensively in a variety of critical applications in nearly every industrial segment.  In many cases these parts are inspected by hand – often subjective and inaccurate methods. Our systems overcome this subjectivity by providing accurate, repeatable results at high throughput rates.

Detecting defects early

With our ultrasonic plate testers, you can ensure your raw materials are defect-free before further processing. This reduces overall cost and helps eliminate end item failure.

Integrating into your production line 

By seamlessly integrating these powerful and robust system configurations, you can raise your inspections to new levels of quality and performance.

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Data acquisition and analysis software is the central hub that controls the entire ultrasonic inspection process providing geometric teach in from CAD models, laser metrology and manual methods, control of scan trajectories, real time acquisition and mapping of ultrasonic data for individual parts or collection of parts in a single scan, manual and Assisted Defect Recognition, and automated inspection report generation.

Krautkramer Automatic Plate Tester

Krautkrämer Heavy Plate Thickness Tester

An in-line ultrasonic plate inspection system designed to ensure materials are defect-free. These are complete turnkey systems ready to integrate into your production lines, or can work as standalone systems.

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Krautkrämer BPE

An ultrasonic strip test system used to inspect coil material prior to forming of Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) or Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes. Available as a stand-alone test system or can be integrated into the structure of  Krautkrämer SNUP-SP spiral weld inspection system.

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