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Inspection and NDT solutions for the aerospace industry

Tightening compliance regulations in the aerospace industry are making precise inspections more vital than ever. At the same time, the pressure to reduce operating costs is intense. Trusted by the aviation and space industries for over 100 years to inspect everything from plane motors to rocket components, Waygate Technologies has the smart, productive and lean inspection solutions aerospace needs to meet these dual challenges in both manufacturing and maintenance.

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Meet strict requirements and reduce human factor in manufacturing and maintenance

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Adapting to sustainability

Changing to new fuels (hydrogen) and electrification will bring additional risks, defects, and failures modes.

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New / complex parts and materials

The use of additive manufacturing and composite material to allow new geometries, also creates new challenges during testing and inspection.

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Complex supply chains

Highly regulated industries with complex supplier and service agreements... Meticoulous selection, purchase, storage and spare parts management system – translate into waste. 

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Long R&D development and funding cycles

Regulatory compliance and funding process design for redundancy, compliance, safety, operation, requirements ... not speed.


We deliver smart, productive, and lean inspection solutions for the aerospace industry

NDT for Aerospace Applications


Technologies made for your industry challenges

Additive Parts

Today’s manufacturers are creating more complex parts than ever before — making inspections more challenging. Our industrial non-destructive testing solutions give manufacturers the ability to inspect and measure these complicated components and assemblies at the speed of production, so innovation can keep marching forward.

Cast Parts

Forged and cast metallic parts are used extensively in a variety of critical applications in nearly every industrial segment. We have been helping customers improve cast parts inspection accuracy and repeatability with advanced industrial radiography solutions for decades.


Composite use in aircraft has dramatically increased over the past several years, Our composite inspection systems are designed specifically with two things in mind – find defects that could lead to part failures and do so at very high throughput rates to keep up with industry need.

Data Management & Analytics

When time is your most valuable asset, we want to help you make the most of it. Our InspectionWorks Software Platform helps you transform inspections from a necessary cost to a critical flow of data enabling better product design and optimization.

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