Krautkrämer ROWA-WT

The Krautkrämer ROWA-WT is a compact phased array ultrasonic testing machine for seamless OCTG and ERW tubes and is designed for direct integration into the production line.

The test functionality comprises online wall thickness measurement and the detection of lamination defects. A complete dimensional measurement is available on request. Ultrasonic coupling is carried out via a patented rotating water jacket mechanism. The tubes are fed linearly into the test chamber.

The Krautkrämer ROWA-WT has no mechanically moving parts, which guarantees short changeovers, low wear, easy maintenance and therefore low operating expenses.

Different ultrasonic testing machine models are available for tube diameters from 7 mm up to 250 mm.

Product Features
  • Wall thickness measurement, Excentricity
  • Lamination defects: FBH 6.0 mm and 3.2 mm
  • Inner wall deformation
  • ID, OD, ovality calculations (GEO) as an integrated solution
  • Throughput speed up to 2.2 m/sec
  • No mechanically rotating parts, coupling via patented rotating water jacket mechanism
  • Compact design, little space requirements
  • Shortest changeovers
  • Contactless measurement
  • Low Operating Expenses  
  • Non destructive inspection of OCTG steel tubes and pipes
  • Hot rolled and/or cold finished tubes
  • Designed for integration into tube mill production line, linear tube transport, low footprint
Test Specifications
  • API 5CT, 5C2
  • EN ISO 10893-8, -12

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