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Accuracy? It’s all about having the right tools.


When it comes to accuracy, you can’t let anything get in your way. That’s why we provide solutions to help you see up, over, and through.

Everest Mentor Visual IQ an Extra Dimension of Confidence.

Our MViQ high-range videoprobe is the first HD3D measurement enabled video borescope. You’ll have on-demand Real3D measurement and analysis capabilities, as well as intuitive workflows right on the device. Making it easier than ever to focus on the task at hand.

And there’s a reason you see IQ in its name. It reduces inspection time by taking on repetitive tasks with features like Automated Defect Recognition and automatic blade counting. Now that’s smart. Its InspectionWorks universal software platform combines data from multiple tools to connect the entire inspection history of your asset. This enables you to create a digital twin of your asset throughout its lifecycle. And serves up data in a way that allows you to make better decisions, faster.

PTZ HD-30 - When Close Counts.

Have to get close to a dangerous situation? Let PTZ HD-30 take the lead. This powerful, industrial camera has a 30x optical zoom for sharp, clear images even from long distances.

3D LOC - Get Out of a Tight Spot.

3D LOC software gives you confined space robot localization, with full spatial awareness inside any asset. Precise inspection data is automatically tagged and a digital twin is maintained. And with the 3D LOC POLE, there’s no twisting a pole up and down. It does all the positioning for you and includes 3Dinteractive camera control.

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