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6 Tips for Getting More From Video Borescopes

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With food and beverage inspection, experience makes the difference.

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In the food and beverage manufacturing industry, having the right tool is critical. Take our video borescopes, for example. They play a key role in helping you do visual inspections of high purity piping welds—whether for new construction and or expansion. You'll quickly find it a must have for any Clean-In-Place program. That being said, you can't underestimate the value of experience, too.

In this "Tip Sheet", you'll learn 6 ways to get the most out of a video borescope, including:

  • Taking inventory of your tools before you visit a site
  • Choosing just the right probe
  • Planning your inspection path before you perform an inspection

It's just another way we're here to help you see a return on your investment, faster.

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With food and beverage inspection, experience makes the difference.