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Cleaning, polishing, grinding, polishing and even painting hard to reach & access areas


Thanks to the open platform approach of the FAST robotic platform various cleaning and surface preparation devices such as water jetting, power tools for rust and paint removal or vacuum suction systems are integrated onto the FAST robotic platform. By this needed preparation work for inspection and surface treatment such as painting can be performed by this light weight robotic tool.


Ultra mobile

Thanks to the flat profile the system can drive into narrow spaces and reach areas where usually a disassemble or preparation work is needed to gain access.



Key is the possibility to integrate various cleaning methods and tools onto this platform to suit specific requirements. Applications range from cleaning vacuum suction to polishing to repainting.


Highly productive

With its low weight it is easy to transport and deploy the system. Setup and operation can be performed by just one operator. Front and rear camera support the operator and deliver footage for reporting & quality control.

See it in Action

  • compact robotic platform
  • integrated high definition (HD) inspection camera system
  • lightweight and fully remote controlled
  • Open architecture allows the integration of various cleaning devices


Cleaning devices available for integration
  • Suspension water jet cleaning
  • High pressure water jet cleaning
  • Power tools for rust or paint removal


 Main applications
  • Cleaning of carbon steel pressure vessel internals and externals
  • Cleaning of tank floors and tank walls
  • Cleaning and paint removal of flat surfaces such as skid pans etc.

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