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Inspection and NDT solutions for the battery industry
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Li-Ion batteries are among the most powerful energy storage devices commonly used in portable electronic devices, stationary power sources and electric vehicles. Manufacturers and suppliers are working hard to increase load capacity, extend lifecycles, and comply with all quality assurance and safety standards.

Our broad portfolio of premium X-ray inspection and CT systems supports quality control and failure analysis at all stages of a battery’s lifecycle. From R&D to the post-mortem analysis of defective Li-Ion batteries to analyze the cause of failure. Fast CT inspection also provides safe and secure at-line and in-line production control with reliable inspection of all vital parts.

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How CT testing can help during rising battery manufacturing demand

Discover how battery manufacturers and OEMs benefit from using non-destructive CT battery inspection to ensure comprehensive, reliable, and efficient quality management in our latest white paper “Lithium-ion Battery Inspection Outlook”

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Discover our fully automated high speed inline Computed Topography (CT) system for battery production process control and optimization.

Benefits of battery inspection with CT

Non-destructive battery inspection with CT lets you go beyond traditional methods of testing and helps you improve the visibility of anomalies, make your inspections more efficient and gain deeper insights.

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Better visibility for defects

Easily detect anomalies in battery components, battery cells and ESS & EV modules. Inspect known sources of defects and gain insights into new areas of possible concern.

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More efficient

Inspect different types/sizes of batteries and defects on the same line. Reduce changeover time/personnel to move large batteries for inspections.

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Deeper insights

Identify new failure modes and implement critical process improvements. Meet and exceed regulatory compliance mandates. Gain more confidence in product integrity (avoiding costly recalls).

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Intelligent inspection

Train your artificial intelligence based ADR algorithms to benefit from maximized defect detection

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Inspection Solutions Software

Automotive Battery Inspection

Detecting anomalies present in battery components, battery cells and ESS & EV modules is now easier than ever. With Lithium-ion battery automated defect recognition, battery manufacturers and users can inspect known sources of defects as well as gain insights into new areas of possible concern or product design improvement. 

This ranges from classical regular anode/cathode overhang inspection for pouch and prismatic cells to new spot checks for items such as foreign body materials, gas bubbles, welding defects of electrodes, electrode cracks, and electrolyte filling. And with the prevalence of ever larger ESS & EV modules, the necessity to inspect complete modules for resin filling, connections, cell alignment or dimensional accuracy becomes that much more important.

Electronics Battery Inspection

Battery quality is directly correlated to productivity, managing costs and limiting risk. In battery manufacturing, assembly quality control during various stages, anode overhang analysis or finding potential failure modes prior to end-use, are essential to properly mitigate higher-order risks but also significantly reduce scrap rates and related manufacturing costs. 

Fortunately, new advancements that leverage 3D industrial CT technology for battery quality inspections are redefining what is possible. Used in-line or at-line in battery fabrication, CT X-ray technology offers comprehensive quality inspections across all stages of manufacturing while enabling multiple failure cases to be checked concurrently. Our CT systems also provide the battery-required high resolution at high inspection speeds.

Inspection Solutions Software

When time is your most valuable asset, we want to help you make the most of it. Waygate Technologies’ InspectionWorks non-destructive testing (NDT) software platform is built to simplify your NDT inspection processes, from data collection to analysis and file management. Our software helps you transform inspection from a necessary cost to a critical flow of data that facilitates process and product design optimization.

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